The entry fee includes twin tent accommodation for pilot and navigator, all meals as well as gala dinner.

Upgrade packages are available: 

  • Upgrade to 2 x standard tents: Cost P5 500
  • Upgrade to double standard tents (for spouses):  P8 500 (P5 500 for tent & P3 000 for additional meals, including the gala dinner, for 1 pax) 
  • Upgrade to luxury tents:  P15 000 (luxury tent with mobi-toilet)

Members of the public (non- competitors) wishing to attend the event in support of the pilots or as aviation/adventure tourism enthusiasts are welcome to attend the event. Please contact for bookings.

Hospitality packages are priced as set out below and is valid from Thursday, 28 June – Sunday, 01 July 2018: 

Standard Tents with use of shared mobile ablution facilities

  •  Single 1 person (tent, meals, gala dinner) : P8 000
  •  Double 2 person (tent, meals, gala dinner) : P11 000

Luxury Tents with private ablution facilities

  •   Single 1 person (tent, ensuite, meals, gala dinner) : P18 000
  •   Double 2 person (tent, ensuite, meals, gala dinner) : P21 000