Trophy List

  • To the aircraft and crew placed first overall.
  • To the second placed aircraft and crew.
  • To the third placed aircraft and crew.
  • Best handicap Performance on first day.
  • Best handicap Performance on day 2.
  • To the first placed woman pilot.
  • To the first placed Turbocharged aircraft.
  • To the first team with less than 500 hours total time combined
  • To the first placed homebuilt aircraft and crew.
  • To the aircraft achieving the fastest overall speed
  • To the First team with less than 500H total time combined.

Plaques will be awarded to the pilots and navigators placed first, second and third.

Please note:
As all trophies are floating, please return them to the organisers by the end of June of the following year. Recipients must ensure that they are returned in a presentable condition